About the Artists

Carolyn truly captures the essence of a person.

The hint of a smile.  Dancing eyes.  A jaunty stance.  A one-of-a-kind personality.  All this and more magically open up to her and the eye of her camera. 

Maybe it's the years of experience.  Maybe it's the instant rapport.  Maybe it's magic.  Whatever it is, you'll want to capture it for your very own - for yourself and those you love.

Carolyn has been capturing special memories for her clients for more than 25 years.  An award-winning photographer with an international clientele, Carolyn's work speaks for itself.

Susan Whitmore has no doubt inherited her mother's talent and incredible eye.  Her degree in Art History gives her insight into the classic painters such as Sargent, Rembrandt and Gainsborough.  With exuberance and skill, she creates treasures of timeless beauty with her own special touch.

Susan is called the “Baby Whisperer” by all of our mothers with young babies.  Her ability to calm a crying baby is nothing less than amazing.  Susan's excellent communication skills allow her to work well with clients of all ages.  Susan also builds an incredible report with her High School Seniors.   She handles these sessions like modeling sessions making sure she gives the Senior the images they want while still satisfying their mother with the timeless look Mom loves. With great care and sensitivity Susan captures all of her subjects personality and individual uniqueness.

Carolyn and Susan make a formidable team.  Together and individually they create unforgettable images that are cherished by generations.

Let Carolyn Whitmore Studio & Gallery create
a one-of-a-kind work of art for you.

"Your satisfaction with our work is always 100% guaranteed.“