Happy Mother's Day!
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Sunday, May 08, 2016
By Susan Whitmore
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Happy Mother's Day!


It's Susan Whitmore here,  daughter and fellow photographer of my mom Carolyn Whitmore.  Although working with a family member has it's ups and downs, I wouldn't have it any other way.  Like so many of you, our moms have taught us so much.  They teach us everything; how to read, how to tie shoes, how to cook (Carolyn is an EXCELLENT cook).  I am so blessed that I get to add to that list- my mom taught me how to shoot.  

She is NO easy teacher either!  In the beginning, when I was in high school assisting her at weddings she was encouraging.  "LOOK through the camera," she would say, "What are you SEEING!" 

Then out of college, photographing portraits of babies (with film mind you), she would edit my proofs.  She would hold the stack of 5x5 photographs in her hands and, like she was dealing a deck of cards, swiftly sort the good and the uh, not so good.  She would go, "IN, out-out-out- IN -out-out-out." 

"But WAIT!," I would exclaim!  "I love that one!"  

"NO!" she would say, "it's too soft," or "the hands are not good."

Or any of the other ten thousand reasons why a photograph would not be of the highest quality to leave the studio with her name on it.  Begrudgingly,  I thickened my skin but in the end became a better photographer for it.  Thanks Mom!  

Sixteen years, tons of classes, and literally a million images later,  we collaborate more and act more like equals.  I love that we can photograph outside for hours and then spend time messing with the 45 yards of fabric I bought on a huge sale.  I love that my mom taught me how to "see" light.  I love that she trained me to have a discerning eye.   

And I never forget the sacrifices she made to create this amazing studio for us and all our clients who come to enjoy it.  I know that for all the work I put into it, I really am just standing on the shoulder of a giant- my mom. 

So Thank You Mom!  And Thank You to all the Moms out there, that make endless sacrifices without complaint.   None of us would be the people we are today without you. 

Love you Mom!